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  1. Pharmaceutics.
  2. Pharmaceutical chemistry.
  3. Pharmacognosy.
  4. Pharmacology.
  5. Pharmacy practice.



The classrooms are spacious & well ventilated. Classroom consist of seating arrangement Of 60 students, The classrooms are provided with well furnished seating arrangements, blackboards.

Computer Lab

The computer Lab has adequate number of latest PC with required software installed Internet facility & also equipped with a projector to make learning an interactive. This lab is specially designed to educate the students with latest technology so that the students get comfortable with technology.


  • A library is a collection of sources of information. To enhance the knowledge of our students in pharmacy, we have an elaborate collection of 3000 reference and text books along with National and International print, Library software facilities & Multimedia PC.

The library has good ventilation with windows. We are maintaining Books and reference sections separately and separate technical Section is available for journals and periodicals. The books are arranged according to subject classification and arranged in the library in systematic manner. We have a separate Newspaper section.


The laboratories stand as testimony to excellence in education. The live demos and hand-on training with latest instruments enable confidence build up to work in pharmaceutical industries. Well equipped and well furnished laboratories to carry out practical work different laboratories.

Machine Room

The college building includes the Machine room wherein all the Necessary machineries regarding Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Pharmaceutical analysis are arranged in a systematic manner and provided with Standard Operating Procedures.


The museum is having the specimens and models of various drugs for the various disease categories, Chemical structures, informative leaflets and forms.

Medicinal Garden

Medicinal garden occupies itself with a variety of medicinally useful plants. It includes ayurvedic plants with information about their use.

Other Facilities

The college campus having ground for field events. Auditorium to celebrates the different events.